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Please read the terms and conditions given below before using the website.

Prices depends on the work required but minimum we charge USD 5 per hour. Prices may vary as per the particular project requirements.

Services Offered

We offer Academic assistance in all major subjects and our aim is to build the knowledge base of student by spreading the knowledge holding by our subject experts who have a good experience of tutoring.


The services offered by our company are for students who can belong to any part of the world. The Site is controlled and operated from our offices in India. In the event of any dispute relating to the Site, the Services or the Terms, you expressly consent to the exclusive forum, jurisdiction, and venue of courts in India.

Fees and Payment.

(a) Fees. We accept payments in advance and in any case if we won't able to get your query answered, we adjust your amount to next query or assignment of yours. Currently we accept payments only in US$ and the charges may vary due the factors like urgency, level of work, efforts needed etc involved in getting your query answered or assignment done.

(b) Payment Mode. Currently we are accepting payments via Payseal and PayPal which is secure and safe to use.

Non-Payment Policy

Users are required to pay for responses in advance.

Return/Refund/Cancellation Policy

Since the payment is for a service, no return or refund would be possible. But in case the service is not rendered for any reason, full credits will be given to you which may be used for any services in future.

Shipping & Delivery of Services

Delivery will be done by Email only. Once you send us assignment/project, we will tell you about the delivery time. As we are delivering educational content in digital format, delivery will be done by Email only.

Estimation of Price

Generally we charge minimum USD 5 per problem but the prices may get higher, depending upon the nature of work/project.


All information on this site is liable to change without any notice. You can sent Queries for Business/suggestions to www.Payment4Education.com

Privacy Policy

We, Payment4Education, keep your data and other personal information totally confidential and none of this information is shared with any other third party.

Payments Options

  • Paypal (4% Admin Fees)
    (Recommended for Visa, Master Card, Paypal, American Express, Discover)
  • Payzee (4% Admin Fees)
    (Alternative for Visa, Master Card)

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